About the Company

Our Results are our Legacy

Office Secretaries (OS) has provided recruitment services for Managers, Executives, and Administrative staff for over 30 years. Our flexible and experienced consultants offer a full range of services devoted to the optimization of human capital.

In addition to providing recruitment services, OS is able to provide HR Consultancy as our team of professionals is well versed with current market trends in diverse industries and can construct the best solutions that is best suited for your organization.

Our clients operate within a diverse set of industries, including MNCs, SMEs and also highly specialized boutique companies.

OS has a well-established track record showing that we are resolute in our commitment to our clients, efficient in providing for their needs, and adaptive in the face of the dynamic nature of 21st-century business

Our Strengths

At OS, we pride ourselves on our long-held standards, because they reflect who we are and because they have proven to be an effective blueprint for success.


The OS team understands that your professional life should complement your personal life. Our strength is the ability to find the most suitable candidate that fits the culture of the client’s Company.


Over 30 years of experience working closely with clients and successfully within many diverse industries is a testament to our capabilities.


Between our satisfaction guarantees and our proven loyalty, we make no secret of our devotion to our clients. We stake our success on your success.


Lightning-fast fulfilment is necessary to stay ahead in a global economy, and our time-tested team works tirelessly and innovatively to ensure you get the BEST solutions swiftly and according to your unique requirements: on time, every time.